Upper School Parent Conversation and Tour

Upper School at GPS is designed to propel a girl’s journey toward self-discovery. Through continued emphasis on critical analysis, collaboration, communication, and creativity, her confidence will become an impactful component of her growth and success—nothing will hold her back.


As your daughter explores the prospect of spending her Upper School years at GPS, our hope is to share with you the impact an all-girls education can have on her life long after she graduates. We invite you and your daughter to join Head of Upper School Jenise Gordon for a conversation about our curriculum, activities, and school community. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss your daughter’s educational goals and share a glimpse into her interests and aspirations, too! During this conversation, your daughter will learn what it means to be a student in Upper School at GPS—everything from teacher expectations to Chapel Talks, graduation requirements, and more. You are both welcome to ask any questions you have about the philosophies, values, and programs that guide GPS.

This conversation is required for all Upper School applicants. While a completed application is not required for this step, it is strongly recommended prior to meeting.


Families can also engage in a tour personalized to your daughter’s particular areas of interest, with Allison Davis Associate Director of Admission, Upper School. Student Ambassadors will be present to answer questions from a student perspective. Starting on October 1, the tour can be on-campus or virtual.

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