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For parents of current 5th-11th girls

As GPS Upper School students begin to imagine their futures and focus on their paths to college, our specially designed curriculum has prepared them to be critical thinkers, articulate speakers and writers, empathetic collaborators, and resilient problem solvers.

Through intentionally and thoughtfully designed coursework, our Upper School students are encouraged to take risks, embrace different perspectives, and embark on journeys of self-discovery.

This webinar offers an overview of how GPS Upper School lays the foundation for student success during and beyond her high school years. To learn more about how the curriculum is designed to expand a young woman’s knowledge, independence, confidence, and more, please join Head of Upper School Jenise Gordon for an in-depth look at our girl-centered program. By attending, you will gain an understanding of how the GPS Upper School experience is challenging yet engaging so that our girls are well-prepared for their next steps—college and beyond.

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