Middle School Parent Conversation and Tour

Though often known for the challenges they present, the middle school years are filled with a girl’s developmental milestones and incredible opportunities. It is during this time that she begins to understand who she is and who she can become—her potential is limitless.


As your daughter considers spending these formative years at GPS, our hope is to share with you the impact an all-girls education can have on her life long after she graduates. A Parent Conversation provides the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Division Head or admission counselor to discuss your daughter’s educational goals for her future. We’d love to get a glimpse into her interests and aspirations, too! During this conversation, we are happy to answer any questions you have about our curriculum, programs, and school community. 


Following a Parent Conversation, families can also engage in a tour personalized to your daughter’s particular areas of interest. Student Ambassadors will be present to answer questions from a student perspective.

Beginning in October, Parent Conversations and Campus Tours can be experienced on-campus or virtually. While not required steps for the Middle School admission process, they are strongly encouraged. A completed admission application is suggested before meeting with an admission counselor.

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