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If you are interested in applying to GPS for the 2024-25 school year, please contact the Admission Office at Admission@GPS.edu or 423.634.7644 to inquire about availability and next steps. 

If you are interested in GPS beyond the 2023–24 school year, please complete the inquiry form below.

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Our teachers and coaches know girls and how they grow and develop. Every club, every group, every team is led by a girl. Our art rooms, dance studios, study spaces, makerspace, classrooms, and weight room are designed with girls in mind.

There is an intentionality at GPS, an understanding of and appreciation for the power of a girl you won’t find elsewhere.

While one can argue that coeducational schools offer a level playing field for both girls and boys, in a private school learning environment tailored specifically to girls, they receive the support needed to become their authentic best selves. There is a difference.

What We Know About Girls | Research shows girls mature sooner than boys; their verbal skills also develop earlier than their male counterparts. They tend to be more emotionally and socially perceptive and expressive than boys. At GPS, middle school and high school students are free to develop emotional intelligence, support and respect each other, and develop and communicate their own thoughts and beliefs.

How Girls Learn Best | Because of their brain development, girls tend to thrive while working closely with their peers and form relationships more acutely with their teachers than do boys. At GPS, teachers come alongside their students to help them make personal connections to what they’re learning. This nurtures a girl’s curiosity about her world and helps her discover her purpose.

What Girls Need to Thrive | When girls feel safe, comfortable, and supported in their environment, they can begin to take risks and discover their interests and passions without fear of failure. At GPS, teachers reframe a girl’s mantra from “I’m not good at this” to “I’m not good yet.” This intentional growth mindset helps foster the confidence they need to succeed in life.

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Girls Preparatory School is an all-girls, private day school for grades 6-12