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GPS Middle School is intentionally and thoughtfully designed for girls in this unique stage of girlhood. Our students experience an environment where learning is self-directed, individualized, hands-on, and multidisciplinary—making their Middle School journey relevant and meaningful during this wonderful time in their development. 

Recognizing that intellectual development is a process, each grade in Middle School is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills attained during the previous grade. As important as their mastery of academic disciplines, girls need to acquire skills that will equip them for personal growth and success outside of school. Our approach addresses girls’ intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development. 

This webinar offers an overview of how GPS Middle School lays the foundation for students’ academic paths while developing vital skills for their future. To learn more about these essential elements and how the curriculum is designed with girls in mind, please join us for this virtual session with Associate Head of School and Head of Middle School Lynne Macziewski. By attending, you will gain an understanding of how the GPS Middle School experience is developmentally appropriate yet challenging so that our girls are well-prepared for their next steps—Upper School, then college, and beyond.

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